For millions of Americans, starting our mornings with a hot cup (or several cups) of coffee is a way of life. 

While it provides a pick-me-up and provides a boost to your mood and productivity, it’s also known to provide several health benefits, primarily to the cardiovascular and digestive systems – as long as you don’t overload your morning joe with cream and sugar!

One study, however, discovered an important caveat about the way coffee should be brewed for maximum health benefits. Far Rockaway Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing would like to share the details of that study with you.

Use a Filter

The study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, found that the benefits to the heart and longevity as a whole are best achieved through coffee that is brewed by using a filter. Fortunately for most Americans, drip-brewed coffee using a filter is the most common way we brew coffee. The study, conducted over a 20-year period in Norway, found that drinking filtered coffee daily led to a 15% reduced risk of death from any cause compared to those who drank no coffee.

Non-Filtered Methods Could Be Harmful

The study showed that unfiltered coffee – whether it’s brewed by using a French press or boiled like Greek and Turkish coffee – can contain chemicals found in the sediment that can raise triglyceride and LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, thus increasing the risk for heart disease. 

Other Benefits of Drinking Coffee

The study found that people who had between one and four cups daily also lowered their risk of numerous types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, and even Alzheimer’s.

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