One of the biggest problems about con artists trying to scam seniors is that they’re always coming up with new ways to try and trick their victims. One of the most popular scams being reported are people trying to pretend they are from Medicare and offering genetic testing to attempt to diagnose potential cancer concerns before they would turn up on a more precise test like a mammogram or colonoscopy.

The target for this scam is people over the age of 50, and such a service would be great—if it actually was something that people working through Medicare and your insurance agency actually offered.

The focus of the scammers is to try and scare you into thinking that you need this test in order to be covered by Medicare in the future, and then they either get your Medicare information, insurance information, or money.

Far Rockaway Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing has a look at what you need to know so you can prevent being a victim to this or a future scam.

Location Doesn’t Add Up

You should always ask someone making an unsolicited call like this where they are calling from. It was reported that almost all of the callers said they were calling from Florida, but caller ID information on the phone reported the call coming from elsewhere. This is a red flag.

Test Their Knowledge

Scammers will sound convincing when they can stick to their script, but when you dig down and ask follow up questions, you may find that they either just repeat what they already told you or provide vague answers. One person asked for the medical name of the test they were trying to sell, and they were unable to provide it.

Reluctant to Have You Get Help

When many potential victims asked if this was something that they should talk to their doctor about, the person on the phone said that they should not consult their personal physician because they wouldn’t be able to administer the test. You should always consult your personal physician before making any medical decisions.

Be Protective of Your Information

Some are even sending test kits in the mail unsolicited or attempting to get information at events like fairs or farmers markets. Medicare urges people to call them to make sure that they should be giving out their information before they do so to an unknown entity.

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