Just about everyone’s familiar with the frozen food aisle. Whether it’s for lunch at the office or a quick dinner, the convenience of heating up a frozen entrée is tough to beat. We do pay for it, however, in terms of preservatives (mainly sodium) that these foods are generally loaded with.

But don’t despair—you can eat convenient frozen foods, but you just know what you need to buy. To help with that endeavor, Far Rockaway Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing lists five healthy frozen meals.

  1. Fruits and Vegetables

While not a meal, you can stock up on these when they’re on sale and have plenty of snacks and sides. Another advantage of frozen produce is that they are generally more nutritious than their fresh counterparts. This is because fresh fruits and vegetables naturally lose nutrients in the time it takes to get from the farm to the produce aisle. The frozen varieties are processed very close to when they are picked, so the nutrients are better retained.

  1. Frozen Seafood

As a rule, look for seafood that is as fresh as possible when frozen, but these are generally without the preservatives that you’ll find in other frozen foods. Of course, check the nutrition label for sodium content and heating instructions. Some will be “heat-and-eat” and others will require cooking.

  1. Frozen Cauliflower

Riced cauliflower and pizza crusts are gaining popularity and are healthier alternatives to the regular dough or white rice. Frozen pizza with less guilt!

  1. Whole-Grain Waffles

For breakfast, Kashi makes a seven-grain waffle that’s lower in calories and sodium, while being much higher in fiber, than the more popular frozen waffle brands.

  1. Frozen Burgers

Frozen burgers have saved many a weeknight meal when time is of the essence, but make sure you’re buying quality meat that won’t lose its flavor when nuked. Several brands offer 100% grass-fed beef. You can also add seasoning before heating them up, but again, check the label for sodium content before you do so.


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